Why Choose Apex Audiology

Three Generations of Experience

Dr. William F. Herholtz III, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, is the owner and founder of Apex Audiology. As a 3rd generation audiologist and Southern Colorado’s first doctor of audiology, he has the expertise to provide his patients with exceptional hearing care. 

The History of Apex Audiology

Apex Audiology was founded in 1957 by George Edward Herholtz with the purpose of helping people hear and communicate better.

He started with Beltone back in 1957 and worked for Beltone in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Back in the 50s, house calls made up about 80% of the business. Today, by contrast, 95% of testing is done in an office setting. Our purpose, however, is still the same–to help people hear and communicate more easily so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

In 1963, William F. Herholtz, Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS) and son of George Edward, joined his father in the business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, becoming a Beltone dispenser in 1973.

He took over the family practice and conducted business under the trade name Beltone for 37 years. After visiting Colorado in 1978 he told his family he wanted to live and do business here. In 1984 he sold his Grand Rapids franchise and moved to Colorado Springs with his wife Alice and their four children. In 1990, Bill and Alice won the prestigious Presidents Cup from Beltone. This award is the highest Beltone bestows on any of its dispensers. In January of 2001, William changed the name of the practice to First Choice Audiology and Hearing Care in order to offer an improved selection of products and a higher level of care.

In December of 2001, William F. Herholtz, BC-HIS, sold the practice to his son William F. Herholtz III, Au.D.

Both William F. Herholtz and Alice Herholtz remain on the Board of First Choice Audiology, however, William F. Herholtz III, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, is the current president and clinical director of Apex Audiology. He has been working with the practice here in southern Colorado since 1995. William is clinically certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association, a member of the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists, and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He currently takes care of patients at our hearing center in Colorado Springs. His duties include patient care, staff development and training, and management of the corporation and its audiologists.

The Apex Audiology Team

The Apex Audiology team has been helping people hear better for three generations, since 1957. Our goal is to provide world-class hearing care in a professional and courteous manner and at affordable, no-gimmick prices.

Apex Audiology is a four-office practice dedicated to providing excellence in hearing healthcare in Colorado Springs (two locations), Pueblo, and Canon City. Our South-West Colorado Springs office is our newest location.

It is our goal to build lasting relationships with our patients so that they can achieve an improved quality of life through better hearing and communication.

We specialize in hearing testing and rehabilitation for adults and seniors and we offer a wide range of premiere hearing instruments, such as Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Widex, Starkey, ReSound, and Sonic. Apex Audiology is an independently owned practice serving southern Colorado.  Being an independently owned practice means that Apex Audiology is not owned by hearing aid manufacturing companies, and therefore has the freedom to recommend whatever hearing aid is best for the patient. Additionally, we have many products and services related to hearing, such as earplugs, musicians’ in-ear-monitors, amplified telephones, and wireless accessories for TVs and telephones.

So take advantage of three generations and over 80 years of experience, and make Apex Audiology your choice in hearing care!  We can help.

The Benefits of Buying Hearing Aids from Apex Audiology

With any purchase of hearing aids from Apex Audiology, patients get the added benefits of

  • Lifetime follow-up care
  • Follow-up appointment scheduled at 2 weeks and 4 weeks 
    • Check-fitting
  • Appointment every 6 months
    • Checking hearing instrument
    • Cleaning
    • Reprogramming
  • One package of batteries given at the time of purchase
    • 6-month supply

Service with Compassion

We provide service with compassion and take the time to listen to your particular needs so that you will be fitted with the most appropriate instruments. We pride ourselves in offering quality solutions regardless of budget.

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