Tinnitus Treatment

At Apex Audiology, we have deep compassion for people with tinnitus and thus strive to be a trusted and helpful resource for tinnitus treatment. We offer several treatment options to help patients experience a better quality of life, no matter the degree or severity of their tinnitus.  

During your tinnitus consultation, your hearing specialist will go over the various options for tinnitus treatment and will help you decide which one would best meet your needs and lifestyle.

Many of the treatment options available are FDA-approved. See the listing below.

Biofeedback Training. Biofeedback training is effective in reducing tinnitus in some patients. It consists of exercises in which the patient learns to control the various parts of the body and relax the muscles. When a patient is able to accomplish this type of relaxation, tinnitus generally subsides. Most patients have expressed that biofeedback offers them better coping skills.

CounselingFor patients who have anxiety, depression, or any other psychiatric condition associated with tinnitus, counseling can be really beneficial. In fact, combining psychiatric therapy with auditory therapy may be the best treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Hearing DevicesSince tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, a hearing aid is recommended to amplify sound as well as to boost other soft sounds in your environment.  With this combination, the device will help to camouflage your tinnitus symptoms.    

ReSound LiNX 3D (iPhone App)ReSound LiNX 3D is an iPhone app that is effective in relieving tinnitus. The app utilizes a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to reduce the severity of symptoms, and it can be used in combination with hearing instruments. The app also transforms your iPhone into a remote control for your hearing aid.

Medications. Some patients benefit from medications utilized to suppress tinnitus, and others do not. Each patient has an individual response to medication, and what works for one patient may not work for another. Some of these medications have been proven, however, to decrease the intensity of the tinnitus and make it much less noticeable to the patient. There is, however, no drug available that will remove your tinnitus completely and forever. In addition, some drugs cause tinnitus. If you have tinnitus and are on medication, you should discuss the symptoms of tinnitus with your physician. In many instances, once the drug is discontinued, the tinnitus disappears.

RelaxationIncorporating relaxation activities into your daily schedule can help alleviate the stress, frustration, and anger you may be experiencing with tinnitus because they can help you concentrate on something other than your symptoms. Your hearing specialist may suggest that you try relaxation activities, such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation, to help you manage your tinnitus better. Other relaxation activities such as walking, biking, cooking, swimming, and gardening, also have calming, beneficial effects.  

You should work hard to obtain adequate rest and avoid over-fatiguing yourself because generally, patients who are tired seem to notice their tinnitus more. You should also avoid the use of nerve stimulants, such as excessive amounts of coffee and smoking.

The Levo System by OtoharmonicsLevo is a tinnitus management system that is designed to be used when you sleep. Your hearing specialist precisely matches the sound of the tinnitus, which helps the patient habituate to the tinnitus. 

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). One treatment that incorporates sound therapy is Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), also known as habituation therapy. This therapy attempts to retrain your brain into perceiving the tinnitus in a different way. About 75% of people with tinnitus are not bothered by it, because their brains process it and file it as another everyday noise. TRT attempts to teach your brain how to process the noise so that it doesn’t bother you anymore (or not as much).

Widex “The Zen Program.” This program uses fractal tone technology where the sounds you hear are predictable but not repeating with the goal to rewire your brain and dull the effects of tinnitus. Your hearing specialist chooses an assortment of “musical tones” known as “Zen styles,” which are random and chime-like. These tones can be adjusted (tone pitch, tempo, volume) to suit your comfort level.

Tinnitus Treatment in Colorado Springs

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