What Is Live Speech Mapping?

In years past, being evaluated and fitted for a hearing aid was largely a hit-or-miss proposition. Using a series of beeps and other noises, an audiologist would try to ascertain whether or not a hearing instrument was properly adjusted to suit the patient. More often than not, the patient would return shortly thereafter in need of another fitting and adjustment. Thanks to live speech mapping, an innovative new technology, such hassles are a thing of the past. At this point, you’re probably wondering, “What is live speech mapping?” Get the scoop below.

How It Works

Live speech mapping uses cutting-edge equipment to more effectively evaluate and fit patients for hearing aids. The premise behind the technology is quite simple. The audiologist places small microphones within a patient’s ear canal to detect differences in how the patient hears speech. Using the innovative equipment, the audiologist can “see” what you’re hearing through the hearing aid in real time. A screen displays the result for you as well, so that you can watch as adjustments are made and see how they affect your ability to hear. In this way, live speech mapping lets you understand and visualize the difference that a properly fitted hearing aid can make.

A loved one is included in the process, and they help to gauge the effects that you are experiencing with the hearing aid. Their presence adds an extra, crucial step to the verification process, further increasing the odds of getting it right the first time.

Benefits of Live Speech Mapping

After asking the titular question – “What is live speech mapping?” – patients typically want to know what’s so great about it. As more audiologists invest in the necessary equipment for live speech mapping, patients’ understanding of its advantages will increase. In the meantime, here are a handful of the top benefits of this revolutionary technology:

Superior Accuracy

As mentioned above, traditional methods of evaluating and fitting hearing aids often missed the mark. Typically, patients had to return to their audiologist at least once to have their hearing aids tweaked. Live speech mapping is significantly more accurate, so evaluations and fittings are usually completed correctly the first time. Needless to say, this saves patients and medical professionals considerable amounts of time and money.

Immediate Results

It isn’t easy for a patient to tell whether or not their hearing aid is adjusted properly. After all, they suffer from hearing loss, and they may struggle to know whether or not their hearing has improved enough, especially when put on the spot. Live speech mapping provides instant, tangible results. Rather than relying only on what they can hear themselves, patients can see visual representations of what they’re hearing and how adjusting the hearing aid affects their ability to hear. The process makes it much easier for a patient to confirm whether or not their audiologist adjusted their hearing device effectively.

See for Yourself

If you suffer from hearing loss, whether mild or severe, you more than likely can’t tell what you can and cannot hear. When an audiologist uses traditional evaluation and fitting methods, this uncertainty often causes patients to leave with an improperly fitted device. Live speech mapping allows you to hear and see improvements right away, so you can easily tell what you can and can’t hear in real time. The visual component is undeniably reassuring. In addition to streamlining the process, the technology allows you to make the most of your hearing aid.

A Better Experience
Knowing whether or not your hearing aid is really working properly will bring you peace of mind. As with traditional fitting and evaluation methods, you must revisit live speech mapping from time to time to ensure that your device suits your changing needs. Since live speech mapping is so much easier and more effective than other methods, however, you will no longer dread coming in for adjustments. In fact, you may even look forward to them, since they will further enhance your ability to hear.

Contact an Audiologist Today
Without question, live speech mapping changed the way audiologists assist patients with hearing aids and instruments. It provides benefits to patients and medical professionals alike. Furthermore, because audiologists encourage family members to participate in the process, live speech mapping makes it easier for everyone to understand how a person’s hearing loss affects their daily life. Whether you suspect that you are suffering from hearing loss or have been using hearing aids for some time, be sure to ask your audiologist about live speech mapping and insist on it the next time you need a new hearing aid.

Still wondering, “What is live speech mapping?” Why not see for yourself? If you live near Limon, Pueblo, or Colorado Springs, Colorado, contact Apex Audiology. Using live speech mapping, Dr. William F. Herholtz can improve the accuracy of your hearing aid, increase your understanding of your hearing loss, and provide immediate and tangible results. To get started, please call us at 719-247-9000 or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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