Hansaton Announces New Slim Tube BTE Device

Every day, you as a provider have a chance to change the world. With each patient who walks out your door, you are adding to their quality of life and starting a ripple effect that can go on for quite some time. Changing people’s lives for the better and giving them hope is what you get to do every day. Providing you with superior technology and the tools to accomplish this mission is what we get to do every day, with our best in class hearing systems, unbelievable value, and unmatched focus on customer service.

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new jamHD S312 BTE hearing system and the accompanying new Scout software 3.2.1.

Are you ready to jam?

Are you tired of replacing wax guards? Do you have a patient with funky ears, large amounts of wax, small ear canals and/or needs a rugged rough & tough hearing system? The jamHD S312 is here to help your patients shine and once again take on the world. The jamHD S312 has an easy to operate pushbutton and packs a powerful punch in its small package. With features like an IP67 rating, slim tube or ear hook, a wide fitting range and increased reliability with fewer repairs and easier maintenance, this BTE will steal the show.

Scout Software Upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1

In addition to our exciting new product, our software has gotten a fresh new menu bar, and has had some very important updates made to ensure you do not run into any issues while doing a live fitting. Please download the newest version of Scout from our Professionals section on our website now!

Changing the world doesn’t come easy. With the right tools, we can help you achieve your goals, and make sure you have fun doing it. From our brand new BTE, to our better than ever ITEs, and our best in class RICs, we are confident that we can provide you with the solutions to be successful.
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