Phonak Hearing Aids

Virto V
Audibly Big. Visibly Small.
The Phonak Virto V Custom Product family is designed with you in mind. Individually crafted and tailored to your hearing needs, Virto V automatically adapts to your specific listening situation and allows you to better understand speech. It is designed to fit perfectly into your ear.

Phonak Bolero V
The Finest in Performance and Reliability
Phonak Bolero V behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids feature our latest high-performance technology and are designed to provide you with a seamless listening experience, even in the most challenging environments. In an appealing and robust design, Bolero V is available in four performance levels and offers a wide choice of colors to either blend in or stand out from your hair or skin tone.

The Smart Solution for Single-Sided Deafness
With CROS II, you will immediately feel included in a conversation, regardless of the situation. Whether at dinner with friends or in a meeting at work, you don’t have to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side.

Phonak Audeo V
Unmatched Accuracy, Infinite Precision.
The intelligent Audéo V hearing aid is powered by our new, cutting-edge AutoSense OS. This comes in a style called receiver-in-canal (RIC). It marks the next generation of hearing aids for seamless and effortless listening experiences in even the most challenging listening environments.

Phonak NaídaTM V
Phonak Naída V utilizes the Venture platform with a host of new groundbreaking dedicated features to improve audibility for people with severe to profound hearing loss. With more power than ever before, more people can benefit from a smaller device.

Sky Q
Exclusively Designed for Kids
All four models are resistant to water, sweat, and dust, making them perfect companions for active explorers. The new engaging range of mix-and-match colors ensures that children will have technology they will love to wear.

Wireless Accessories

Roger Pen is a versatile wireless microphone that reduces loud background noise and transfers the clear sound of the voice you want to hear directly to your hearing aids.

Roger EasyPen is designed for you to interact and understand in challenging listening situations. Packed in a stylish design, it features a fully automatic wireless microphone, which is easy to use in one-on-one or group conversations.

Roger Clip-On Mic is a discreet shirt-worn wireless microphone that is worn by your partner for one-to-one communication in loud noise and over distance.

Phonak DECT looks like a regular cordless phone but is actually much more powerful. It transmits sound to both your hearing aids simultaneously, reducing noise and maximizing understanding.

Phonak EasyCall connects any Phonak wireless hearing aid wirelessly to your cell phone. It is permanently attached and connected to the phone and streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids.

The ComPilot Air is a small and stylish streamer that offers excellent stereo sound quality while connecting Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth to a variety of audio sources.

Phonak RemoteMic is used together with a Phonak streamer to understand a speaker over distance. It is attached to your conversation partner’s clothing and transmits their voice to your hearing aids.

Phonak TVLink turns your Phonak hearing aids into a wireless TV headset with stereo sound quality.

Phonak PilotOne wirelessly connects to hearing aids for easy control of the most important functions.

The Phonak RemoteControl App turns any smartphone (Android and iOS) into a remote control.