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  • Hearing Conservation

    In many cases, a person’s ability to hear fades so slowly, it goes unnoticed. You may think that your friends are mumbling more, that your spouse needs to speak up, or that you ought to buy a better phone. As long as you still hear some sound, you might assume your hearing is fine. But [...]
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    Common Problems with Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids can restore much more than your ability to hear. Wearing a hearing aid can make it easier and more pleasant to communicate and interact with others, improving both your personal and professional lives. It can also lessen frustration, decrease your risk of cognitive decline, and reduce your risk of injury by allowing you [...]
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    Hearing Loss in Children

    Hearing loss in children is not uncommon, and it affects kids’ lives in numerous, devastating ways. It can interfere with children’s social skills, affect speech development, and make it difficult for them to learn in school. So if you suspect your child may suffer from hearing loss, contact an experienced audiologist for a hearing evaluation [...]
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    Bluetooth Hearing Aids

    Traditional hearing aids can limit your access to mobile phones, music players, and other personal audio devices. You might experience a whistling feedback noise when using your cellphone, and you may have to remove your hearing aids altogether to listen to music through your earbuds. Luckily, Bluetooth hearing aids eliminate these problems and make it possible to connect with your personal [...]
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    Hearing Loss and Dementia

    Living with hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating. It can also be detrimental to your health. In fact, numerous studies have suggested a strong link between untreated hearing loss and dementia as well as other forms of cognitive decline. Fortunately, research also indicates that the use of medical devices that improve hearing, like hearing aids and [...]
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